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Mining for
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Environmetal protection in the mining industry

Regulatory Overview for Mining and Milling


Mining and related activities are essential to provide the raw materials and energy necessary to support our lives, economy, and continuing progress and human development.  As we have gained a greater understanding of the potential impacts of mining and related activities on the environment, we have developed the practices and technologies necessary to effectively prevent, minimize, or address the potential impacts.  As a means of assuring that mining and related activities are conducted in a thoughtful and responsible manner, specific regulations have been developed, and regulatory agencies have been established to guide and oversee the planning and implementation of mining and related activities.  This presentation provides an overview of this regulatory structure and process, and attempts to answers the following relevant questions;

1)      Why are environmental analysis and permitting necessary?

 2)      What do environmental analysis documents and permits include?

 3)      Do environmental analysis and permitting work?

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