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2019 CMAEF Annual Report

2019 ANNUAL REPORT – CMA Education Foundation
October 25, 2019
Dear Supporters and Friends of CMAEF and our All About Mining program:
2019 has been a very good year for All About Mining.
Our summer class brought together eight teachers from Colorado, ranging from kindergarten to high school. Because of the wide range, the questions were varied, as each grade level deals with their students in different ways and it made for a highly interactive class.  We even had one high school teacher that took the class 20 years ago and because she so enjoyed it then, came back with a goal of getting more pictures to incorporate into her classes.  One of my best memories of this year’s class is how each of our host sponsors took great care with each of them, resulting in this class’s realization of just how special they were.  All our teachers were so grateful for the experience and amazed at the generosity of our industry hosts.  I can’t thank our hosts and sponsors enough for this.
We began our class as usual at the Colorado School of Mines, Mining Engineering Department, where our esteemed lecturers brought the teachers up to date on geology, mining, environmental, sustainable and economic issues.  These lectures give the teachers a chance to ask those important questions that they have had since taking the lessons on line, and all the new ones that present themselves though the updates.  It is always a good two days with a few quick tours such as the CSM Geology Museum, the Earth Mechanics Institute and Hazen Research to keep them moving and focused.
Our Saturday found us at the Edgar Mine for safety training and a chance to go underground for the first time with all the gear needed.  Everyone enjoyed this immensely due to the young CSM student conducting the tour – he was thorough, personable and full of great antidotes for the teachers.  After lunch we were to take a geology tour of Dinosaur Ridge and Red Rocks, culminating in a tour of the Chieftain mine, but the weather would not allow for that.  We were able to do a quick tour/talk concerning the geology of the area from the bus, see the contact point at Red Rocks and run to our cars afterwards due to the thunderstorm.
Monday our journey began in earnest.  Here is a quick listing of our schedule:
  • Henderson Mine
  • Tri-State Generation plant in Craig
  • Trapper Mine
  • Natural Soda
  • Climax
  • National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Cripple Creek and Victor
  • Martin Marietta Heritage Square Quarry (rained out, unfortunately)
Every stop made on our journey was exceptional from both the tour and people aspects.  
I would like to thank all our supporters for their assistance, whether it be providing financial support, hosting field trips or providing “live” lecturers at our In-Class portion of the course on the CSM campus.  I would like also to specifically thank our partners, at the Colorado School of Mines for continuing to support All About Mining.  Without CSM’s support, this course would not be able to continue.  Thank you to each and every one of you for your continuing support!
In 2019, we have seen an uptick in corporate donations to the organization thanks to an outreach effort made by members of our Board of Directors. With solid funding in place, we are now able to proceed with improvements and updates to our online curriculum, which continues to be available free of charge via our website. Our website offers the world at large access to over 40 video lectures (approx. 25 hours of educational content). Since 2014, when our online videos were first made available, thousands of users from over 100 countries spanning the globe have viewed these information-packed videos and lectures. 
This year we are be bidding farewell to three “Elder Statesmen” who are retiring from our Board after remarkable tenures as Directors of CMAEF: 
  • Guy Johnson – 20 years 
  • Paul Jones – 25 years
  • Bill Wilson – 30 years 
These gentlemen have tirelessly committed hundreds of hours to this endeavor and have grown All About Mining into the course it is today.  We will be forever in their debt!
We have a few additions to our CMAEF Board this year.  Joining us are Resa Fury (Stantec) and Mike Patterson (Resource Capital Funds), both of whom are industry partners and are actively getting involved in helping us achieve our educational and fundraising goals.  
All About Mining needs your support and here is an easy way to give it.  Whenever you purchase from Amazon.com – just change it to smile.amazon.com, choose “Colorado Mining Association Education Foundation” as your charity and start shopping.  It is the same site as the Amazon site, only now when you make a purchase, a small portion will be donated to the All About Mining program.  It is that simple!
We also need your support in other ways as well.  Perhaps your company would sponsor a teacher to travel to Colorado for the All About Mining Course, or you or your company could pay for a nights’ lodging for the teachers.  There are many ways you can help and I would be happy to speak to you about them.
The CMAEF Board and I are always trying to get the word out about our program.  Our rack cards are placed in many locations and if you can think of any place we should have them, please contact me and let me know where I need to put them, or I can send some to you for placement.  Ultimately, it is word of mouth that is the best, so please, think of the All About Mining course when you encounter any educator. 

Thank you, everyone, for your support of All About Mining.