21st Century
Mining for
K-12 Educators


The Colorado Mining Association Education Foundation (CMAEF) is a charitable nonprofit organization created by the Colorado Mining Association (CMA) to educate K–12 teachers and related faculty on the current activities and involvement of the U.S. mining industry. 
CMAEF’s program, All About Mining, is operated in conjunction with the Continuing Education and Professional Development Opportunities (CPES) office at Colorado School of Mines (CSM). 
For 45 years (1968–2013), the entire course of All About Mining was taught annually on the CSM campus in Golden, Colo. Initially the course was six weeks long, but it was shortened in the 1980s to a four-week course.
In 2013 the CMAEF board of directors decided to convert the course to an online format that could be supplemented by a three-day in-class component on the CSM campus each summer followed by a five-day field trip component. This online program was implemented in November 2014 with the first class under this new format completing the "in-class: and "field-trip" portions, and graduating in late July, 2015.
Since the first class in 1968, more than 1,550 teachers from all 50 states and several foreign countries have attended All About Mining
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