21st Century
Mining for
K-12 Educators


Can I collect rock and mineral specimens on field trips? 
Yes, you can collect as many samples (including gold ore!) as you can carry.
I have a physical disability. Can I still participate in the course?
The classroom on the CSM campus is ADA-accessible; however, attendance on field trips requires walking and climbing at high elevations; touring facilities that are dusty, noisy or damp; and going underground in somewhat confined, muddy and uneven-grounded environments. If your disability may impair your ability to participate in these activities, or if you are unable to easily communicate with or follow immediate directions from tour guides in an emergency situation, please contact the course coordinator well in advance of signing up to discuss your situation and the options that may be available.
Will stiff hiking boots work instead of steel-toed shoes or shoe caps?
No; it is a health and safety requirement of the course.
Can I drive my own car on field trips?
No; because of tour logistics and host company requirements, all participants must ride in vehicles provided by the CMAEF.
Can I get my credit hours early from CSM?
The Teacher Enhancement Office and the Colorado School of Mines are not responsible for meeting deadlines for credits toward teacher recertification and/or salary increases. Official transcripts will be available upon request approximately two weeks after the instructor submits course grades to the CSM Teacher Enhancement Office.
How do I get a letter of completion for my school principal?
Individual letters of completion are not available.
I've had a college geology course; can I skip the first day of the in-class component?
No; there is a good chance that the material we cover will be different from that which was covered in your college course.
Am I allowed to bring my children with me?
In consideration of the instructors and other participants, children and nonregistered adults are not allowed to attend classes or field trips under any circumstance.