21st Century
Mining for
K-12 Educators


If you register as course participant (you intend to qualify for the in-class and field trip components and/or earn continuing education credit from CSM), you will be required to complete:
  • All 46 online lectures
  • Short multiple-choice quizzes that follow select lectures with an 80 percent GPA
  • Insights for select lectures that follow state standards for the school in which you teach
  • Three lesson plans that follow state standards for the school in which you teach (additional 'Lesson Plans' may be prepared for 'extra credit')
See below for examples.
  1. The ore from which aluminum metal is derived is called?
    1.  Hematite
    2.  Bauxite
    3. Cryolite
    4. Kaolinite
The correct answer is  “2”.
Lesson Plan, All About Mining 2009, Louisa Capp
Lesson/Unit Concept: See the attached Cause and Effect Diagram.  Using the lectures, field samples, photos and notes from this class, (especially from the three day field trip) Students will learn that mining has played a key role in the transformation of America’s economy, social and political patterning.  An emphasis will be placed on this development in light of the Industrial Revolution and its current essential relevance to student’s lives.
Standards Addressed: California Social Science Standards/Grade Eight, Prioritized