21st Century
Mining for
K-12 Educators


“I loved all he hands on opportunities.“  - Dan, 2019

“The photo’s I took and information I learned will help me convey to my students the importance of the mining industry.”  - Holly, 2019
“I wish I had known about this course sooner!”  - Susan, 2019

“I now recognize how important minerals are for everyday products.”  - Anna, 2019
“The tours were amazing!  The instruction was great!  I wish more people could experience this opportunity – I learned so much, and will definitely be recommending this course.”  - Marisa, 2018
“I went from knowing almost nothing about the industry and having feelings of skepticism towards responsible mining to understanding how critical the minerals industry is for our lives and how important to our society it is that we support this industry.”  - Lindsey, 2018
“This experience was fabulous and I don’t know how you could make it better!”  - Heather, 2018
“I learned a lot and enjoyed traveling with other teachers.  I look forward to sharing this experience with my colleagues.” - Nathan, 2018
“I LOVED the experience.  Thank you!” - Shelly, 2018

 “This course will be used and remembered – a life changing experience.” - Zach, 2018
"I'm already recommending this course to collegues!" - Bob, 2017

"This course changed my opinion from the environmetal impact and reclamation perseptive" - Sarah, 2017

"I have already made lesson plans based on the information I learned" - Ally, 2017

"I knew that CSM offered great courses for teachers due to previous experience but this was AMAZING!" - Krista, 2017

"This course has been life-changing and will change how I teach" - Kelli, 2017

"This exceded my expectations!" - Chris, 2017

“Awesome!  I have a totally new and profound respect of the mining industry” – Steve, 2016
“I’m already putting a presentation together for my students about this class” -- Tara, 2016
I’d do it again” -- Sandie, 2016
“I found this class to be VERY valuable as a science teacher. Great experience!” --Trey, 2016
“I had a blast learning about the mining process – a week to remember!” – Dawn, 2016
"Thank you very much for such an amazing opportunity to learn! " -- Wallis, 2015
"All About Mining was a wonderful experience that I will be bragging about to my colleagues.  -- Erika, 2015
“I was not aware of the considerable focus on environmental stewardship, nor was I aware of the impressive safety record.” —Hobbins, 2012
“I already thought mining is absolutely necessary, however, I never realized all the career opportunities that exist in the industry.” —Wiley, 2012
“I thought it [mining] was a environmental drain on society, but I now know that it takes care of the earth and is needed to make the world run.” —Eckert, 2012
“Please do not reduce or eliminate any of the field trips; they make the experience real.” —Sullivan, 2012
“I think your program is absolutely terrific ... I have my hardhat, goggles, gloves covered with moly powder, and mask on display in the front of my room. Invariably, they [my students] are fascinated, as they have never seen such things before.” —Birtwell, 2012
“I was opposed to it [mining] prior to class. Now I understand it’s necessity.” —Browne, 2012
“I appreciated seeing the real part of mining, getting a real look.” —Cook, 2011
“My curriculum is changing and earth science is my weakest area. I now have rock samples, videos and have seen mining operations for myself. I had no idea that reclamation was such a large part of mining.” —Gibson, 2011
“When my geology class starts, I will definitely include much of what was learned.” —Thomas, 2011
“The amount of data and resources were fantastic. It was one of the best organized events I’ve ever attended, which includes some national science conventions.” —Andrews, 2011
“Beginning immediately, I will be taking my new insights and observations to my own high school math classroom to share with my students. I have a great portfolio full of lesson plans and materials gathered throughout the course to mend into my curriculum.” —Schlim, 2011
“My understanding of the applied science part of earth science, and its many career opportunities, will be passed on to my future students ... I was hoping to increase my understanding of mining and to experience underground mining. You (CMAEF) certainly delivered on the ‘Oh, wow’ factor.” —Terrell, 2011
“Through this course, I have gained a significantly different and valuable perspective on what the current mining situation is in Colorado. The course has not only provided valuable lecture-style information, but through the various field trips, it has created a very hands-on and experience-based educational experience that I am excited to pass on to my students and staff. There is no question about the exceptional quality of the course; it has been one of the most valuable educational experiences that I have had, and I plan to recommend it highly to my colleagues.” —Lausten, 2009
“I will be able to integrate math concepts to applications with geology. Kids always ask, ‘When will I ever be able to use this?’”
—Cooperrider, 2009
“I have expanded my lessons to include why we need mining and how mine reclamation is stressed.”
—Harvey, 2009
“I teach high school earth science; I can use this on our mining and minerals unit, and it also will be very useful for our environmental unit. Numerous other opportunities exist.” —Heyrman, 2009
“The course was extremely informative, educational and exciting, and it truly opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed! I will go back to my classroom with a great deal of knowledge and adventure to share with my students!” —2008 participant
“After taking your course I created an honors earth science class for kids who demonstrated a genuine interest in the subject matter. Because of the resources you provided I had a list of places I could take these kids for field trips. Thanks for all your efforts and for the effort of those who underwrite what must be the substantial cost of putting something like that [the All About Mining course] on.” —2008 participant